We simplify special character typing across all platforms.


Make your life easier in every way that you express yourself.

We are in business because the world should be able to experience a more fluid way of typing without workarounds or distractions.

We do things differently, because a deep knowledge of culture and industry allows for a global human-centric and surprisingly simple solution to happen.

We see the approach to internationalization changing. Therefore, we are addressing the need to improve PC typing and not only focusing on mobile.

We believe that humans around the world should be able to express themselves freely, without technology getting in the way.

We simplify special character typing with our iPad and PC keyboards.


Our invention — a patented revolutionary shift key, adds a new dimension to keyboarding. It makes it possible for you to access more than 250 symbols, each only two or three strokes away. Whether you’re a lawyer, customer service agent, student or writer, let us help you save time, energy and money.

This intuitive alternative to alt combinations, copypasting and constant reconfigurations will change your life. Because people shouldn’t have to memorize multiple keyboard layouts. They should be able to type with the same ease as writing by hand.

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