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Industries We Serve

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Multilingual contact centers

Whether in the office or working from home, multilingual contact center agents can greatly benefit from improved accuracy and  efficiency. 


Employers can benefit from lower attrition rates, and save time and money. Make it easy for your most talented agents to stay in the flow and make the most out of their work day.


Students, schools, families

Students, teachers, English learners, bilingual and international schools.


Many Latinos in the U.S. choose to write without accents, because of the technology barrier. Alt combinations and other workarounds are counter-intuitive. Middle school, high school and university students can learn languages more easily when equipped with the right tools. Let's boost our kids' confidence and performance in foreign languages.


Legal professionals and crypto traders

Lawyers, paralegals, law students, legal interpreters, court reporters, and all legal professionals.

Draft a legal brief on-the-go with our iPad app, or try our mechanical keyboard, LegalType™. Type legal symbols in seconds: ¶ § ® ™ © Π Δ ₿ Ð. Save time and stay in the flow, while staying ergonomic in your law office.

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