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Polyglotte was born out of a love for languages, culture and adventure. We simplify special character typing across all platforms, because the world should be able to experience a more fluid way of typing without workarounds or distractions. Because it’s time to supercharge PC typing and not only focus on mobile.

We apply linguistics and a deep understanding of culture and industry to solve hardware problems in a human way. That means intuiting the customer’s needs and creating an adaptable solution to make it easier for you to express yourself.

Our keyboards are built for high volume typists from various industries: concierges, writers. lawyers, students, contact center agents. We remove the roadblocks that inhibit communication and create a system to eliminate them forever. We want you to feel refreshed and energized, so you can create more connection, flow and creativity in expression. So that you can shatter the barriers to communication.

We believe that people around the world should be able to express themselves freely, without technology getting in the way. This allows for a global human-centric and surprisingly simple solution to happen. A solution that we call Specialty™ Typing.

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