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Mechanical Keyboards: They're Just What A Lawyer Needs

So you're a lawyer and you want to type faster, get more work done, and be generally more awesome? Well there's only one thing for it: a mechanical keyboard. But what is a mechanical keyboard? And why should lawyers care about them? Read on to find out!

1. Mechanical keyboards are more ergonomic.

When you're at the office all day, it's important to have equipment that can keep up with your workload and not give you carpal tunnel-inducing pain in the wrists. Enter mechanical keyboards! A mechanical board is way easier on your fingers than using those old-fashioned rubber keyboard keys. The smoothness of each letter is also an advantage when it comes to speed and accuracy! You'll never miss another deadline again with this nifty keyboard by your side.

2. Mechanical keyboards can be adapted to your personal typing style.

With hot swappable switches, you can change the clickiness of the board to make it quieter, more linear, whatever you need…

3. Mechanical keyboards are more durable.

These keyboards can take a serious beating and never miss a keystroke. With their ability to withstand more than 50 million presses before they need to be replaced, these bad boys are built for endurance.

4. They can also be stunningly beautiful, and their keycaps are replaceable.

Here’s an example of what mechanical keyboards look like today:

5. Mechanical keyboards are also cleaner.

They’re easier to take apart, which makes cleaning them super easy.

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