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Polyglotte has rebranded!

Updated: Oct 24, 2021



Special character typing made easy

SANTA CLARA — We’re celebrating the launch of Polyglotte’s new brand! Polyglotte offers the ability to type correctly in multiple languages without slowing down. Its unique and intuitive keyboard layout supports 25+ languages and over 250 symbols. New users are amazed. The patented keyboard saves time and simplifies special character typing across all platforms. Whether you’re a lawyer, contact center agent or writer, this keyboard can save you hours a day. ‘Polyglotte’ for iPad (iOS 12 and above) was released September 25, 2021. A free demo app has been available since October 2013. Download the FREE Polyglotte iPad app now at:

Polyglotte unveiled its new brand at this year’s TEDxMarin Innovator Showcase in San Rafael, California on Saturday, September 25, 2021, an in-person afterparty of the TEDxMarin Talks. Local Innovators and non-profits participated.

The Polyglotte keyboard was invented by Daniela Semeco, a polyglotte born in Venezuela, who acquired her language skills during time spent in France, Germany, USA and Venezuela. Because people shouldn’t have to memorize multiple keyboard layouts or rely on frustrating workarounds. They should be able to type with the same ease as writing by hand. Contact: Daniela Semeco, President, <>, Polyglotte Inc., 1400 Coleman Ave. Suite E23, Santa Clara, CA 95050,Tel: +1 650-488-7265. Website

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